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09/11/2010 16:46:58

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The Footlights is a fantastic pub. My friends and I come regularly for football games as it is very spacious and has so many TVs there isn't a bad spot to stand or sit.

More importantly the drink prices are reasonable and you get poured a good pint from a wide array of draft options, as well as offering many spirits and cocktails too.

You do have to pay a deposit of £5.00 (which is returned to you afterwards) to use the pool tables but it is well worth it as the tables there are in fantastic condition, much better than anything else I have found in any pub in Edinburgh.

As well as that The Footlights provides classic pub meals for a great price, there is a wide choise to choose from and they are great considering how cheap they are.

Overall this is one of my favourite pubs in Edinburgh.

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