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16/01/2011 16:56:36

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Pub rammed no room to dance because they let too many in. No directions to the smoking area so you have to push through the throng to get outside where the most horrible door men let you out to smoke and don't tell you there's a smoking area at the back. THEN they aggressively tell you you can't go back in when you've left your friends, drinks and coat etc inside. They let a young girl out who was in our party and then said she couldn't come back in. We went to see where she was and told the aggressive doormen she'd been in all night and they dragged her boyfriend out and said he couldn't go back in either. The police then got involved.

The doormen were arrogant trouble causers. Not surprised the city is crawling with police. The pub would be great if they didn't pack people in so you can't move, can't get served and cause an aggresive attmosphere. We went in tons of pubs before this we enjoyed. I'd make a wide berth of this unless your a chav and want to fight.

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