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Pubs In Newcastle's Bigg Market

Pub/Bar Where Rating
Bar M

7, St. Nicholas St

No ratings.

35, Grey St

No ratings.
The Cage Bar

24 Cloth Market

No ratings.
Clear Bar

Pudding Chare

No ratings.
Fitzgeralds Newcastle

60 Grey Street

No ratings.
The Groat House

7-9 Groat Market

No ratings.
Jonny Ringo's / The Lodge

26, Mosley St

No ratings.
The Lane

41- 51 High Bridge

No ratings.
The Lounge

8 Neville Street

No ratings.
Market Lane

Pilgrim Street

No ratings.
The Mushroom

82 Grainger Street

No ratings.

44, Cloth Market

No ratings.

Collingwood Street

No ratings.

36 Mosley Street

No ratings.

18 Nun Street

No ratings.
Florita's Miami Bar and Tropical Garden

Collingwood street

No ratings.

Newgate Street

No ratings.
Tup Tup Palace

7 St. Nicholas Street

No ratings.

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