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Created By: Gavin Thomas
Date Created: 22/09/2013
City: Manchester
Pub Count: 18
User Description
22 Welsh lads looking to sink a few pints and shots as dictated by some pub golf rules, and hopefully get the stag absolutely hammered!!!

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07/10/2013 17:53:55

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Cracking day was had by all, didn't stick to the route as we should have, but did get to visit most of them and a few others beside. Tanned Steel failed miserably and turned out to be a complete pansy!haha

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Slug and Lettuce

Heron House, Albert Square

User Rating: 2.4

2. The Square Albert

14 Albert Square

User Rating: Not Rated

3. Beluga

Lawrence Buildings, 2 Mount Street

User Rating: 1.0

4. One Central Street

1 Central Street

User Rating: Not Rated

5. The Citrus Bar

2 Mount Street

User Rating: Not Rated

6. The Baby Grand

47 Peter Street

User Rating: 3.0

7. Brannigan's

Albert Hall, 14 Peter Street

User Rating: 1.8

8. The Square Bar

11 Peter St

User Rating: 4.5

9. Bar 38

Pavillion, Peter Street

User Rating: 3.8

10. Manchester 235

2 Watson Street

User Rating: Not Rated

11. Relish

Great Northern Warehouse

User Rating: 1.0

12. Cloud 23 Hilton Skybar

303 Deansgate

User Rating: 2.3

13. Dimitri's

Campfield Market

User Rating: Not Rated

14. The Cask Bar

29 Liverpool Road

User Rating: 4.4

15. The White Lion Hotel

43 Liverpool Road, Castlefield

User Rating: 3.5

16. The Ox

71 Liverpool Road, Castlefield

User Rating: 3.1

17. The Sports Cafe

Astley House, 23 Quay St

User Rating: 1.0

18. Walkabout

13 Quay Street

User Rating: 4.3