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Below is a list of user created pub crawls in Leeds. Creating your own pub crawl in Leeds is easy (hint: see that big orange box to the right!) so why not give it a go.

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  • Pub Crawl Logo Rockys' Boat Drinks Virtual Crawl (Beta)
    by 2209damiang
    City: Leeds. Pubs in Crawl: 6.

    Lunch in the Palace around 1:30pm then a steady walk round (approximate times):

    Whitelocks 3:00pm

    North Bar 4:30pm

    Mojo's 6:30pm

    Reliance Bar 7:30pm

    The New Roscoe 8:30pm

    Other ...

  • Pub Crawl Logo Unnamed Crawl Virtual Crawl (Beta)
    by mattyj
    City: Leeds. Pubs in Crawl: 10.

  • Pub Crawl Logo Otley Run Virtual Crawl (Beta)
    by BarFly
    City: Leeds. Pubs in Crawl: 14.

    Well known crawl down Otley road in Leeds. Popular with Uni students.

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