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11/10/2010 09:55:21

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The worst dining experience ever! Ordered 3 veggie roasts and 2 mixed. Was then informed only 1 veg roast left, so after much discussion, decided to have that, and 2 plates of mixed veg, roasts and yorkshire pud. What came was an insult to anybody, let alone vegetarians. 2 tiny plates of what looked like frozen veg, and Aunt Bessie's pots and pud, and the one veggie roast had changed into a goats cheese salad served with the HOT vegetables. Even the meat eaters had a problem as one mixed roast contained an unidentifiable lump of (scrotum???) meat that even the waitress gave up on. It is a disgrace that chefs still consider vegetarians as inferior diners, and still believe that we will be pathetically grateful for any swill they vomit out of their kitchens. Will never take the chance in here again.

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