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01/11/2010 09:55:19

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The Sidewinder has got a lot going for it – a big garden, plenty of space inside and a great pub quiz on Wednesday. It has one major problem however – the people who go there! Toothless old boys, staggering around drunk by 6.30, clinging to the walls for support; hogarthian alcoholics, frequently waiting at the bus stop opposite for the pub to open as early as 10.30 in the morning – oh, and they’re already drunk; middle aged blokes shouting ‘This is my manor!’ at no one in particular; and one woman who cannot stop laughing – the problem is she sounds like a cross between Sid James and the proverbial machine gun killing a seal! On the plus side….it keeps the yummy mummies, their emasculated husbands, and screaming brats away. Best time to visit? Three years ago

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