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13/10/2011 10:56:08

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Popped into the Wick Inn after moving to Lansdowne Place recently. I walked in and thought the pub was amazing with a good atmosphere. I was pleased to see a good range of local ales from Arundel and Hepworth. I tried one of the Arundel beers and it was terrible! Flat and tasted off! Horrible! I raised my concerns with the staff who told me that "nobody else had complained" and "there was nothing wrong with it!" I've been drinking real ales all of my life! Really very disappointed in the service that I received that evening! With such a good range of ales, it's a real shame that they're unable to look after them. Rude staff and crap beer! I certainly won't be visiting again and if you like your ales I would advise you go elsewhere too!

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