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14/09/2009 18:49:35

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The mitre pub is a great place to go if you want a relaxing drink or to play pool on one of the three pool tables. If you like a fun friday night start out at the mitre as there is a DJ that starts at nine pm till closing time. You can dance on the dance floor and request you tunes to be played. There is plenty of football and sport on the TVs and great deals on beer on some matches. There is good food at a great price, like two meals for eight pounds on marked meals. The food is avalibale till nine pm. Familys can come in till six pm every day.

Pool tournaments do come up now and then, and on a friday you put your name on a black board to play who wins (this is for fun only). There is a dart board, three slot machines, juke box, chash machine and a cigarette machine.

They have a fully heated, lit and sheltered garden out the back where you can smoke, eat and drink.

I hope you enjoy this pub.

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