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23/06/2008 13:59:19

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We went there for a drink on a Sunday afternoon. I asked for some drinks at the bar but they had stopped serving the drinks we wanted at that time. So we sat down in front of the TV and decided what to drink. After a while, a man came up to us and told us to leave and started being rude to us and insulting us! I asked him not to take that tone with us and he got even angrier! He said,

"YOU FUC**** BASTARDS... FUC***" this and "FUC* " that! Then as we decided to leave (because didn't even want to stay there any more) he kept on insulting us... "FUC*** ... FUC*.. F** OFF! ... "

I went to this pub lots of times but now I COMPLETELY lost respect for it. I STRONGLY recommend to NEVER GO HERE!

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