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23/07/2010 12:24:31

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Captain Haggis

My mates and myself have named the area taking in McGinns, the 1/4 Gill and Denholms "the Hope St triangle of despair" that says it all. This is the better of these 3 bars, but that's not a great accolade considering the competition. The bar staff are nice enough & the drinks selection is ok but that's it. For a city centre location it offers very little/nothing only a karaoke night that's pretty flat. The regular punters are ok but look half dead & most have had a personality bye pass (a few you need to keep an eye on). Occasionally due to the cheap prices & location it is invaded by mad students & or younger types that go mad on the vodka and abuse the karaoke. If you want the toilet- women need to get a key the size of a babies arm and guys should pre pack a lunch in advance for the hike to the cellars. You may have guessed I'm not a fan - avoid unless you a regular or into this type of place.

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