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26/07/2010 13:10:32

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Captain Haggis

Times Square in the 80s was a pretty trendy and busy place for mullet headed posers (like me at the time ) to go to before heading to Panama Jacks etc. WIth its prime location in the city youwoudl expect this to be a smart new trendy bar, its not. A thick ugly carpet welcomes you as you enter (you'll know as your feet squelch into it). The bar itself is split into 2 areas at the back is a dining area with tables (basic) and the front end is the bar itself & seating (again basic). Beer/spirits slection is average with the ususal suspects of Guiness,Tennents, Carling, Fosters etc. The Bar staff are not(from my visits) the friendliest or most helpful. Food is bland to poor (only eaten there once but friends have also and say its not great). Clientele range from shoppers to pretty rough and ready sorts withthe occassional "jakey" - best to avoid until it gets a revamp (surely onthe cards now St Enochs is trendy"

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