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06/08/2010 17:07:48

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Captain Haggis

This is one of the larger of the Wetherspoons pubs in Glasgow and its a good one (I'm not generaly a fan of chain pubs).Despite its city centre location (ie near the main station but hidden away) it for some reason attracts a more up market crowd than the average Wetherspoons. Although not as awe inspiring as the Counting House (Wetherspoons) it is a nice looking modern bar with really nice clean toilets(ok its important to me)good seating & lighting (much better that Crystal Palace that is just up the road). Has a really great selection of beers (on tap and bottled) and spirits, the usual deals and food so you know what your getting there. For the PC aware (ie those annoying gits that carry their laptops everywhere) it has (like a lot of Glasgow pubs) free wi-fi so you can all tap away while taking 3 hours to finish a half pint!.

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