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09/08/2010 12:33:18

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Captain Haggis

Ah yet another Wetherspoons pub in Glasgow. This one has a good central location in a good area with some trendy bars (Blue Dog) nearhand. This is an ultra modern & impressive looking bar from the outside, very large inside with nice seating (sofas etc) its wetherspoons you know what to expect re food / drink. The first thing that hits you on entering the front door is the assault on your nasal senses from the Linx Africa and oxi plus combo of odours - yep this is "young persons" pub at the weekend (will be great from them)for the rest of us it is full of Primark/Top Shop shirt wearing hair gelled monosyllabic blokes with the horn guzzling down bottled beers & shots whilts trying to attract the blonde in 12 inch heels and a t-shirt Sharon from across the bar whilst texting on their latest mobile phone. Apart from that it's pretty awful if your over 23years old. Yeah you guessed it avoid.

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