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12/08/2010 12:38:07

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Captain Haggis

Bar Cini closed a few years ago this is now the BAY HORSE - A very popular pub, esecially on Sat (Fri/Sun are busy at certain times when entertainment is on can be dead at other times). A nice clean modern looking bar, pretty big with an upstairs area (usually empty)& 2 bars downstairs (a smaller bar as you enter,the main bar at the rear (which was the old front bar before it expanded). I prefered it before it expanded I think its lost a bit of atmospher sine then. Sat is still mobbed at times as it had some great singers/entertainer & a dance area. Good beer & spirits selection (at last they got Smirnoff in). Bar staff are nice & loos lean (has a w/e lad in to sell you cologne if stinky or on the pull) Food mixed reactions but I can't comment. If you like a fun down to earth night out try this place.

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