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19/08/2008 18:41:07

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Typical 'Wetherspoons' pub. Wait an age to get served (and grow a beard in the meantime) and ALWAYS get your drink in the wrong glass. The bar staff seem to only serve the regulars and even when you are first in line to get served, they will serve ask the regulars first if they want a drink as there is a line forming and they might not get served for a while. They seem to 'conveniently' run out of any cheap lager and force customers onto a higher price whenever they have a discount period. Whenever ther is a table available the customers have to clean away the used plates and glasses before they sit down as otherwise you would have to sit with dirty plates on your table all night as the few staff they do have on must either be blind or ignorant to the fact that the pub looks disgusting with dirty plates/glasses.

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