Traveling to the magnificent city of London for the first time and don't know where to start? This is your go to guide for traveling around the most attractive parts of the city.

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Stay In The Centre Of London

As tempting as it may be to choose cheaper accommodation when traveling this might not be the best option when traveling to London. This is because there aren't any relatively cheap stays in Central London and if you book accommodation outside of the center it will be a choice you will quickly regret making. The reason being transportation would be expensive, commuting to and from the main city center everyday.

Try To Avoid The Busiest Times Of The Year

London is a beautiful city that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, considering that we strongly suggest avoiding bank holidays and school breaks. If you are planning to visit London in the holiday season you should consider avoiding the main shopping streets.

Gaming In London

For gaming and gambling there are many options in London. Specialising in a collection of Japanese video games, Las Vegas Arcade Soho is situated right next to Chinatown. For gambling, the Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square, is one of the largest and most visited casinos in the United Kingdom. Before visiting maybe brush up with some games online. Gambling in the United Kingdom is legal, keeping this fact in mind there is no need for the use of VPNs and other applications used to gamble on offshore websites. One could enter a game of live roulette and bet on some numbers or play some blackjack or slots.

Ordering Beer Or Cider By The Pint

It is common practice to say something such as "I'd like a pint of [brand]" or "a half-pint of [brand]" when ordering a beer or cider from the tap in a bar. The American pint is 16 ounces in size, while the British pint is just over 19 ounces. Just say "a bottle of [brand]" if you want to buy a bottled beverage.

Tips at London Restaurants

If you are dining at an establishment in London and the bill comes with a so-called service charge you do not need to add a tip as they already charged you for their service, however if your bill does not include a service charge a 10% tip would be fine if the service was as expected. If you have any issues with the service and the bill comes with a service charge but you decide that you do not want to leave a tip, pay the bill except the service charge (no matter what they say or do).

The United Kingdom Use Pounds - £

The pound (£) is the currency of London and the rest of the United Kingdom. The value of one pound is equal to one hundred pence. The plural form of "p" is "pence," as in "the total is 5 pounds and 50 p.The word "quid" is short for "pound," the common currency in the United Kingdom. One "fiver" refers to a five pound currency or note, while two "tenners" equal ten pounds. The lowest denomination paper note is for five pounds, and there are coins worth two pounds, one pound, fifty pence, twenty cents, five pence, two pence, and a penny.

Take Public Transportation Using An Oyster Card

London's public transit card system is far more convenient than buying pricey cash tickets. Oyster Cards, which can be filled with money and used to pay for public transportation rides, are popular with both Londoners and visitors. You can also use Apple Pay or Google Pay, as well as a debit or credit card with a contactless payment function. Research London's Oyster Card system. There is a daily cap on public transportation fares; once you've used a specific number of zones, your fare for the day is capped at a set price, and any more zones you go through are free. The London zoning system is something you should familiarize yourself with.

Oyster Visitor Card