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Created By: glowstix44
Date Created: 20/11/2014
City: York
Pub Count: 9
User Description
Leaving M'bro Staion at 10.28 to arrive in York at 11.21. First, find a random pub as the first one it a little walk away! Bar 1 is actually now called Missoula and serves amazing cocktails! Travel around the route and celebrate! For those wanting to do some shopping, meet at Evil Eye at 3pm for more drinks! To return to York Train Staion for 7.16 to arrive back in M'bro for 20.14! Continue drinking if possible!! xmx

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Living Room

Merchant Exchange, 1 Bridge Street

User Rating: Not Rated

2. The Pitcher and Piano

Ebor Hall, Coney Street

User Rating: Not Rated

3. The Blue Fly Cafe Bar

10a New Street

User Rating: 4.5

4. The Guy Fawkes Hotel

25 High Petergate

User Rating: 5.0

5. The House Of The Trembling Madness

48 Stonegate

User Rating: 3.7

6. The Evil Eye Lounge

42 Stonegate

User Rating: 4.7

7. The Slug and Lettuce

Courtyard, Back Swinegate

User Rating: 4.0

8. Vudu Lounge

39, Swinegate

User Rating: 4.0

9. Dusk

8 New Street

User Rating: 3.7