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Created By: Tequila010108
Date Created: 18/01/2015
City: Edinburgh
Pub Count: 16
User Description
1 pub for each one of the fellas going! That should make the kitty go further! Remember some of us are there all day!

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27/04/2015 22:58:47

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Followed this route with a few small changes. The Waverley is now closed. Would avoid the Ensign Ewart, they did not like a stag party. Were asked to leave almost straight away. Didn't do brew dog, but the 3 Sisters was next door and it was far better. Missed Revolution, did Opium on Cowgate instead. Cheaper booze and better music. Easy route to follow, only lost one of our party on the way. Beware the Whiski bar is very expensive.

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Waverley

3 - 5 St Mary's Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian

User Rating: 4.0

2. The Worlds End

4 High Street

User Rating: 4.0

3. Whiski Bar

119 High Street

User Rating: 4.3

4. The Royal Mile Tavern

127, High St

User Rating: 4.0

5. The Royal Mcgregor

154, High St

User Rating: 2.7

6. Jinglin Geordie

22 Fleshmarket Close

User Rating: 3.0

7. The Halfway House

24, Fleshmarket Close

User Rating: 4.0

8. Deacon Brodies

435 Lawmarket

User Rating: 3.0

9. The Jolly Judge

7 James Court, Lawnmarket

User Rating: 4.0

10. Ensign Ewart

521, Lawnmarket

User Rating: 2.5

11. Biddy Mulligans

94-96, Grassmarket

User Rating: 3.7

12. Maggie Dickson's

92, Grassmarket

User Rating: 4.0

13. The Last Drop

74, Grassmarket

User Rating: 4.3

14. BrewDog

112-114 Cowgate

User Rating: Not Rated

15. Greyfriars Bobby Bar

34, Candlemaker Row

User Rating: 4.7

16. Revolution

30 Chambers Street

User Rating: Not Rated