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Created By: BadgerB
Date Created: 21/12/2018
City: Brighton & Hove
Pub Count: 10
User Description
A looping crawl from Brighton Station through the north lanes and back to the Station for home time (or late night cab)

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Queens Head

69-70 Queens Rd

User Rating: 4.0

2. The Earth and Stars

46 Windsor St

User Rating: 3.0

3. Mrs Fitzherberts

25 New Rd

User Rating: 3.6

4. The Mashtun

1 Church Street

User Rating: 3.0

5. The Waggon and Horses

Church Street

User Rating: 3.8

6. The Dorset

28 North Road

User Rating: 3.7

7. The Eagle

125 Gloucester Road

User Rating: 3.9

8. The White Rabbit

Kensington Gardens

User Rating: 3.9

9. The Foundry

13 Foundary Street

User Rating: 4.3

10. The Albert

48 Trafalgar St

User Rating: 4.3