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Created By: Rich_J_10
Date Created: 17/12/2019
City: Bath
Pub Count: 18
User Description
Start 11:30 21st Dec 2019.
In the words of Kevin in Home Alone -
"You guys give up or are you thirsty for more?"
Others not on map (not listed) but worth a look are:-
The Hideout (2B), The Sleight Bar (3B), Lamrettas Bar (3C), The Gin Bar (13B),

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21/01/2020 13:50:10

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The Hideout, The Sleight Bar, Lamrettas Bar and The Gin Bar, are now on the site

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Lamb and Lion

15 Lower Borough Walls

User Rating: Not Rated

2. The Crystal Palace Tavern

11 Abbey Green

User Rating: 3.0

3. The Huntsman Inn

1 Terrace Walk

User Rating: 3.0

4. The Alehouse

1 York Street

User Rating: 2.0

5. The Coeur de Lion

Northumberland Place

User Rating: Not Rated

6. The Boater

9 Argyle Street

User Rating: Not Rated

7. The Volunteer Riflemans Arms

3 New Bond Street

User Rating: Not Rated

8. The Old Green Tree

12 Green Street

User Rating: Not Rated

9. The Saracens Head

42 Broad Street

User Rating: 1.0

10. The Pig and Fiddle

2 Saracen Street

User Rating: 3.7

11. Sub 13

4 Edgar Buildings, George Street

User Rating: 1.0

12. Hall and Woodhouse

1 Old King Street

User Rating: Not Rated

13. The Salamander

2 John Street

User Rating: 5.0

14. The Raven

7 Queen Street

User Rating: 5.0

15. Flan O'Briens

21 Westgate Street

User Rating: 3.0

16. The Grapes

14 Westgate Street

User Rating: Not Rated

17. The Cork Vaults

11-12 Westgate Buildings

User Rating: Not Rated

18. Graze Bath

9 Brunel Square

User Rating: Not Rated