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Created By: Duffman
Date Created: 25/06/2008
City: Bristol
Pub Count: 7
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03/06/2011 07:13:19

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Take your moutain climbing gear with you! It would be far better to start at number 7 (The Highbury Vaults) and finish at number 1 (The Three Sugar Loaves as it is all down hill. You will finish in the city centre enabling you to take public transport, a taxi home, or if you wish to continue on to a club or more bars?

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Three Sugar Loaves

1, Christmas Steps

User Rating: 4.7

2. Zero Degrees

53 Colston Street

User Rating: 4.2

3. Roxy’s

19-20 Perry Road

User Rating: Not Rated

4. The Open Arms

24 St Michaels Hill

User Rating: 4.0

5. The Robin Hood

56, St. Michaels Hill

User Rating: 3.0

6. The White Bear

133 St Michaels Hill

User Rating: 3.3

7. The Highbury Vaults

164 St Michaels Hill

User Rating: Not Rated