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Created By: stevewadd
Date Created: 27/01/2010
City: Swansea
Pub Count: 10
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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Uplands Tavern

42 Uplands Crescent, Uplands

User Rating: 3.0

2. St George Public House

31 Walter Road

User Rating: 5.0

3. Rasputins Vodka Bar

11 Dilwyn Street

User Rating: Not Rated

4. The Potters Wheel

85/86 The Kingsway

User Rating: 3.3

5. Oceana

71 The Kingsway

User Rating: Not Rated

6. Yates Wine Lodge

1-4 Caer Street

User Rating: 3.0

7. The Chicago Rock Cafe

2-3, St. Mary St

User Rating: Not Rated

8. Reflex

2 Wind Street

User Rating: Not Rated

9. Revolution

25, Wind Street

User Rating: Not Rated

10. The Schooner

Prospect Pl

User Rating: 3.5