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Created By: dparnell
Date Created: 29/07/2008
Last Updated: 01/09/2008
City: London
Pub Count: 8
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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Blackfriar

174, Queen Victoria St

User Rating: 5.0

2. The Samuel Pepys

Stew Lane, High Timber Street

User Rating: 4.7

3. The Anchor

34 Park Street, Bankside, Southwark

User Rating: 1.0

4. The Rake

14 Winchester Walk

User Rating: 4.0

5. The Wheatsheaf

6 Stoney Street

User Rating: Not Rated

6. The Banana Store

1 Cathedral Street

User Rating: 4.0

7. The Mudlark

4 Montigue Close

User Rating: 2.7

8. The Barrowboy and Banker

6-8, Borough High Street

User Rating: 3.0