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  • Pub Crawl Logo Farringdon to Clerkenwell and back Virtual Crawl (Beta)
    by CHPC
    City: London. Pubs in Crawl: 10.

    A nice "cicular" walk with 10 good beer pubs on the way

  • Pub Crawl Logo Ians Stag Do Virtual Crawl (Beta)
    by QuagmireMaguire
    City: London. Pubs in Crawl: 6.

    This is a starter... the Hat and Tun is actually Deux Beers... Id like to squeeze in The Mitre though so maybe The Mitre before Deux Beers??? I dont know... After the griffin...cabs to covent!!!

  • Pub Crawl Logo London Marathon Virtual Crawl (Beta)
    by monster
    City: London. Pubs in Crawl: 33.

    Will be 26 pubs once complete.

    Unable to follow marathon route as the pubs are mainly closed for large portions of the route on Saturdays.

    Route includes some pubs that will be removed if phone calls ...

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