Current user pub crawls which include The Lord Nelson.
3 Pub Crawls
  • Pub Crawl Logo Monopoly Pubcrawl Virtual Crawl (Beta)
    by Beer Baron
    City: London. Pubs in Crawl: 26.

    The classic monopoly crawl. Using the standard sensible/easiest route.

  • Pub Crawl Logo Monopoly - In Order Virtual Crawl (Beta)
    by BarFly
    City: London. Pubs in Crawl: 22.

    Minus the stations, to make it a tad easier. Order and the related pub (sometimes just off the actual place):-

    Old Kent Road - The Lord Nelson

    Whitechapel Road - The White Hart

    The Angel Islington ...

  • Pub Crawl Logo Monopoly Virtual Crawl (Beta)
    by conlinuk
    City: London. Pubs in Crawl: 26.

    Taking in the pick of the Monopoly pubs and leaving you in Central London ready to go Directly to Jail

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