2016 Real Ale Big Blue U Tour

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Created By: sir_Deno
Date Created: 14/12/2016
City: Liverpool
Pub Count: 13
User Description
Plenty of Real Ale pubs after the Ferry.
Started with 3 in Birkenhead
- Swinging Arm, Gallaghers, Riverside View.
Includes the Old Blind School which is not on here.
A stop also to watch the match at...

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Baltic Fleet

33 Wapping

User Rating: 4.3

2. The Grapes

60 Roscoe Street

User Rating: 5.0

3. The Pilgrim

34 Pilgrim Street

User Rating: Not Rated

4. Ye Olde Cracke

13 Rice Street

User Rating: 4.5

5. Belvedere Arms

8 Sugnall Street

User Rating: 5.0

6. The Blackburn Arms

24 Catharine Street

User Rating: Not Rated

7. Caledonia

22 Caledonia Street Liverpool, Merseyside

User Rating: Not Rated

8. The Symphony

Myrtle Street

User Rating: Not Rated

9. The Philharmonic

36 Hope St

User Rating: 4.7

10. The Roscoe Head

24-26 Roscoe Street

User Rating: 4.0

11. The Dispensary

87 Renshaw Street

User Rating: 3.6

12. Doctor Duncans

St Johns Lane, Queens Square

User Rating: Not Rated

13. The Ship and Mitre

133, Dale St

User Rating: 4.6

Beer Hawke