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Created By: dave
Date Created: 27/10/2014
City: Brighton & Hove
Pub Count: 8
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09/02/2015 15:40:36

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BRIGthon? were you wasted bruv?

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Post and Telegraph

155-158 North St

User Rating: 3.8

2. The Font

Union St, The Lanes

User Rating: 4.0

3. The Bath Arms

3-4 Meeting House Lane

User Rating: 4.3

4. Seven Stars

27 Ship Street

User Rating: 3.6

5. The Victory Inn

6 Duke Street

User Rating: 3.8

6. The Hop Poles

13 Middle St

User Rating: 4.2

7. Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

9-12 Middle Street

User Rating: 1.0

8. The Walkabout

79-81 West Street

User Rating: 2.8