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Created By: twatters
Date Created: 06/11/2012
City: Leeds
Pub Count: 8
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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Scarborough Hotel

Bishopgate Street

User Rating: 4.2

2. Prince Of Wales

Mill Hill

User Rating: 4.0

3. Whitelocks

Turks Head Yard

User Rating: 4.3

4. Ship Inn

Ship Yard

User Rating: 3.1

5. The Angel Inn

Angel Inn Yard

User Rating: 3.8

6. The Pack Horse

Pack Horse Yard, Briggate

User Rating: 4.1

7. Aire

32/34 The Calls

User Rating: 3.0

8. The Hop

The Dark Arches,Granary Wharf, Dark Neville Street, Neville Street

User Rating: Not Rated