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Created By: iwanevans
Date Created: 17/03/2013
City: Oxford
Pub Count: 11
User Description
We are staying in the Oxford Backpackers, which is on Hythe Bridge St (just about visible beneath the scale bar, bottom left corner). We'll leave the hostel around 5pm and head north, stopping at the Royal Oak (by Somerville College on Woodstock Road) and then pop up to North Parade Avenue, then cut across to Jericho. We have a table booked for 7.30pm in the Bombay Curry House (it's bring your own, so we'll do a bit of black bin bag beer lottery). Thereafter we'll head towards the centre and the turf.

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Royal Oak

42 Woodstock Rd

User Rating: 4.0

2. The Rose and Crown

14 North Parade Ave

User Rating: Not Rated

3. The Gardeners Arms

North Parade Avenue

User Rating: Not Rated

4. Gardeners Arms

39 Plantation Road

User Rating: Not Rated

5. The Victoria

90 Walton Street

User Rating: 5.0

6. The Jericho Tavern

56 Walton Street

User Rating: Not Rated

7. Jude The Obscure

54, Walton St, Jericho

User Rating: 5.0

8. The Eagle and Child

49 St Giles

User Rating: 4.0

9. The Lamb and Flag

12 St Giles

User Rating: 4.0

10. The Kings Arms

40 Holywell Street

User Rating: 3.2

11. The Turf Tavern

4 Bath Place Holywell

User Rating: 5.0