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Created By: AdamAAdam
Date Created: 12/04/2009
City: Brighton & Hove
Pub Count: 10
User Description
This is a day-long crawl of some ten pubs (with the opportunity to draft off into others along the way!) starting far Eastern end of Kemptown (The Big K) in The Rock and finishing on the lower Western entrance to Kemptown at the Three and Ten. This crawl works well for a number of reasons. Firstly, it begins far out East and then takes you 'into town' so that when you're suitably tanked from the crawl, you can either stumble off home, or carry on to a seafront club or another bar. Second, it pretty much follows one line all the way along St George's Road and St James' Street. Easy. As said, along the way there are a number of pubs missed out. The more hardcore drinker might want to include the following (I might add it as the Hardcore Big K): The Bristol Bar, The Golden Cannon, The Wellington, The Black Horse, The Crown, Gin Gin, Brighton Rocks, The Royal Oak, The White Horse, The Star. Jesus, that makes twenty pubs..! I think this crawl - The Big K Ten, is easy enough to get done, but it is not an 'evening crawl' - I think that would be slightly too hectic... It really is an afternoon start, say Noon, or around there, allowing for food in either the St George, Barley Mow or Thomas Kemp (they all do GREAT food), then drinking through to the last available food stop - The Tin Drum (possibly Thai in The Saint James'), then finishing off drinking down to the Tree and Ten - which is an ultimately chilled place to finish a crawl. What are you waiting for?

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Mad Hatter Inn

7 Rock St

User Rating: 3.7

2. The St Georges Inn

Sudeley Street

User Rating: 3.8

3. The Barley Mow

92 St Georges Rd

User Rating: 3.6

4. The Thomas Kemp

8 St Georges Road

User Rating: 2.8

5. Hand In Hand

33 Upper St James St

User Rating: 4.3

6. The Sidewinder

65 Upper St James St

User Rating: 3.6

7. The Tin Drum

43 St. James's Street

User Rating: 3.8

8. The Ranelagh Arms

2-3 High St

User Rating: 4.0

9. The St James Tavern

16 Madeira Place

User Rating: 4.6

10. Bar Broadway

10a Steine Street

User Rating: 2.8