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Created By: Stewart Madness
Date Created: 10/12/2013
City: Glasgow
Pub Count: 8
User Description
Starts of the bier halle for dinner, then to Todd's bar (I know it says union) for an Angus....the rest of the drinks will will follow

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. Republic Bier Halle

9, Gordon St

User Rating: 3.8

2. Strathclyde Union

90 John Street

User Rating: 3.2

3. The Ark

42-46, North Frederick St

User Rating: 3.5

4. Counting House

2 St Vincent Place, 24 George Square

User Rating: 3.8

5. The Drum and Monkey

93, St. Vincent St

User Rating: 3.4

6. Bar Budda

142 St Vincent

User Rating: 2.0

7. Hummingbird

186 Bath Street

User Rating: Not Rated

8. The Bunker Bar

193-199 Bath St

User Rating: 4.4