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Created By: Dastardly Dave
Date Created: 14/05/2014
City: Sheffield
Pub Count: 5
User Description
Arrive at Sheffield station. Take tram to Shalesmore. Visit Shakespeare, beer food and spirits in Harlequin,Fat Cat, Kelham Island and pork pie, back to Sheffield tap and train home !

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Shakespeare

146-148 Gibraltar Street

User Rating: 1.0

2. Harlequin

108 Nursery Street

User Rating: 3.8

3. The Fat Cat

23 Alma Street

User Rating: 4.5

4. The Kelham Island Tavern

62 Russell Street

User Rating: 4.0

5. Sheffield Tap

Sheffield Station

User Rating: 3.8