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Created By: bixieupnorth
Date Created: 28/05/2014
City: Bristol
Pub Count: 10
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to be done in two stages!

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15/06/2014 11:07:46

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Did "three tuns" and "bag of nails" friday evening with old college friends (table 8). Managed 5 more on Saturday: "Nova Scotia", "Merchant" then up the hill to "the hope and anchor", "highbury", and "cotham porter store", all great pubs with some proper beers. Arbor ales, Bath ales Youngs and more. A top set of real pubs.

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. Nova Scotia

1 Nova Scotia Place, Hotwells

User Rating: 3.0

2. The Merchants Arms

5 Merchants Road, Hotwells

User Rating: Not Rated

3. The Bag O' Nails

141 St.Georges Road

User Rating: 4.0

4. The Hope and Anchor

38 Jacobs Wells Road

User Rating: Not Rated

5. Three Tuns

78 St Georges Road, Hotwells

User Rating: 5.0

6. The Highbury Vaults

164 St Michaels Hill

User Rating: Not Rated

7. The Green Man

21 Alfred Place

User Rating: Not Rated

8. The Cotham Porter Stores

15 Cotham Road South, Cotham

User Rating: 5.0

9. The Hare On The Hill

41 Thomas Street North

User Rating: 5.0

10. The Hillgrove Porter Stores

53 Hillgrove St North

User Rating: Not Rated