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Created By: alo6
Date Created: 27/07/2010
City: Glasgow
Pub Count: 13
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09/09/2011 08:50:17

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The nearest pub to Shields Rd is the Stanley Bar, it always wa the nearest even when everyone went to Honours Three. Once you come out the unerground walk to your left under the road bridge as if your going to the Quay, you'll come to a red brick building and on the other corner a shop selling fire place walk down that road, and that will take you to the Stanley.

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. Time Square

46-48 St. Enoch Square

User Rating: 3.0

2. The Laurieston

21-23 Bridge Street

User Rating: 4.3

3. The Lord Nelson

123 Nelson St

User Rating: 3.5

4. The Bellrock

4-6 Cornwall St

User Rating: 4.0

5. The Kensington Bar

408, Paisley Rd West

User Rating: 1.6

6. Stadium Bar

111-119 Copland Road

User Rating: 2.0

7. Brechin Bar

803 Govan Road

User Rating: 3.0

8. The Doc'n'Doris

427-429 Dumbarton Road

User Rating: 4.1

9. The Dolphin

157 Dumbarton Road

User Rating: 4.3

10. Curlers Tavern

260 Byres Road

User Rating: 4.0

11. The Doublet Bar

74, Park Rd

User Rating: 3.7

12. The Liquid Ship

171, Great Western Rd

User Rating: 3.0

13. McConnells

335, Hope St

User Rating: 2.9