Press the Crawl button to see the crawl virtually via street view. You may get unexpected results if street view hasn't sufficient coverage of the crawl or our pub locations aren't precise enough. This is still only a Beta feature.

Crawl Pace:

Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Crescent

6 Clifton Hill

User Rating: 4.5

2. The Cow

95-97 Dyke Road

User Rating: 4.3

3. The French Horn

82 Dyke Rd

User Rating: 3.9

4. Xuma

108a Dyke Road

User Rating: 4.0

5. The Shakespeares Head

Chatham Place

User Rating: 4.4

6. The West Hill

67 Buckingham Place

User Rating: 4.0

7. The Battle of Trafalgar

34 Guildford Rd

User Rating: 3.9

8. The Sussex Yeoman

Guildford Road

User Rating: 4.4

9. The Eddy

67a Upper Gloucester Rd

User Rating: 4.2

10. The Duke of Wellington

70 Upper Gloucester Rd

User Rating: 4.3

11. The Evening Star

55-56 Surrey Street

User Rating: 4.2