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Created By: Azler85
Date Created: 28/06/2013
City: York
Pub Count: 22
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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Acomb

Kingsway, Acomb

User Rating: 4.2

2. The Ainsty

Borough Bridge Road

User Rating: 3.7

3. The Bay Horse

55 Blossom Street

User Rating: Not Rated

4. The Beagle

169 Foxwood Lane, Woodthorpe

User Rating: 3.0

5. The Carlton Tavern

140 Acomb Road

User Rating: Not Rated

6. Cross Keys

32 Tadcaster Road, Dringhouses

User Rating: Not Rated

7. The Crystal Palace

66-68 Holgate Rd

User Rating: 2.0

8. The Dick Turpin Inn

49 Moor Croft Road, Woodthorpe

User Rating: Not Rated

9. The Fox

168 Holgate Road

User Rating: 4.0

10. The Jubilee

Balfour Street, (off Leeman Road)

User Rating: 4.0

11. The Junction

Leeman Road

User Rating: Not Rated

12. The King William

Barkston Avenue, Acomb

User Rating: 1.0

13. The Leeman Hotel

Stamford Street East

User Rating: Not Rated

14. The Locomotive Inn

4 Watson Street, (off Holgate Road)

User Rating: 1.0

15. The Volunteer Arms

5 Watson Street

User Rating: Not Rated

16. The Marcia Grey

Front Street, Acomb

User Rating: 3.6

17. The Mount

72 The Mount

User Rating: 5.0

18. The Pack of Cards

Lindsey Avenue, Acomb

User Rating: 4.7

19. The Puss In Boots

81 Hamilton Drive East, Acomb

User Rating: Not Rated

20. The Quaker Wood Inn

Acomb Wood Drive, Woodthorpe

User Rating: 4.0

21. The Sun Inn

35 The Green, Acomb

User Rating: 1.0

22. The White Rose

Cornlands Road, Acomb

User Rating: Not Rated