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Created By: toby_c_richardson
Date Created: 14/03/2017
City: Brighton & Hove
Pub Count: 10
User Description
The Railway in Portslade is actually our starting pub but didn't appear on the list. Food stops include Pizza in the Stoneham and Ramen / Yakitori on Preston Street after the Lion and Lobster. Additional bonus stop available after Ramen at the Cocktail shack to pick ourselves up again. Gonna be fun!

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Stoneham

153 Portland Road

User Rating: 2.9

2. The Foragers

3 Stirling Place

User Rating: 3.8

3. The Better Half

1 Hove Place

User Rating: 3.0

4. The Blind Busker

75-77 Church Rd

User Rating: 3.5

5. The Wick Inn

63 Western Rd

User Rating: 3.7

6. The Lion and Lobster

Sillwood Street

User Rating: 4.3

7. The Pull and Pump

1-2 Clarence Gardens

User Rating: 3.8

8. Brighton Beer Dispensary

38 Dean Street

User Rating: 1.9

9. The Craft Beer Company

22 Upper North Street

User Rating: 2.8

10. The Fiddlers Elbow

11-12 Boyces Street

User Rating: 3.5